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I like staying in my comfort zones. I feel safe whenever I'm in them. They protect me from the world... from reality.
One such zone that I carefully keep hidden is actually the very thing that defines who and what I am. It is an extraordinary "prison" that the world might never know of... ever. It is my hope that through this blog, I would eventually overcome my fears and open up the doors bit by bit.

I am the Duke of Pink... and this is my closet.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flashback: My first pangs of pink...

The year was 1984. I was barely seven summers old. But I still remember how my first sensual (NOT SEXUAL) experience felt like.

My dad's work compelled him to bring home lots of gruffy-looking guys to have dinner with us. Mom hated it coz she had to prepare everything. I loved it for reasons I didn't know then.

One time, my dad brought home one of his subordinates for some late-night work. I've met him once before during a visit to my dad's workplace. He looked quite dirty then so I never bothered to talk to him (I liked talking to grown-ups when I was a kid). But when dad invited him over for dinner he looked just the opposite: clean and yummy-looking. I was mesmerized! I spent the next hour drooling at him over dinner.

In the next few days, I couldn't understand why I would lie face down on the bed everyday and imagine him being auctioned off naked to a bunch of ogling women (just like that scene from Buck Rogers). It was only when I was a little older that I realized I had the hots for him.

Too bad we moved long before I was old enough to tell him I liked him.

Wherever you are now, Buck, be glad to know that you're the first guy who ever made my pink heart flutter?

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