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I like staying in my comfort zones. I feel safe whenever I'm in them. They protect me from the world... from reality.
One such zone that I carefully keep hidden is actually the very thing that defines who and what I am. It is an extraordinary "prison" that the world might never know of... ever. It is my hope that through this blog, I would eventually overcome my fears and open up the doors bit by bit.

I am the Duke of Pink... and this is my closet.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Exclusivity Meltdown: When relationships open up... (part 1)

Where does exclusivity end and promiscuity begin?

My boyfriend and I are going through a tough time. We've only been going out for a year and already friends are saying we're acting like "an old married couple." I think they're right.

Blissful Moments
We started off really well like most couples do: passionate, abandoned, unrestrained in our emotions. For the first five months I was content with JUST him in my life. I was happy.

We'd have nights out, out-of-town escapades, beer-drinking sessions with buddies. He thoroughly enjoyed these activities since he's significantly younger. And somehow, I allowed myself to enjoy them, though not as much as he did.

It was fun... for a while.

Next... The problems begin...

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