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I like staying in my comfort zones. I feel safe whenever I'm in them. They protect me from the world... from reality.
One such zone that I carefully keep hidden is actually the very thing that defines who and what I am. It is an extraordinary "prison" that the world might never know of... ever. It is my hope that through this blog, I would eventually overcome my fears and open up the doors bit by bit.

I am the Duke of Pink... and this is my closet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jake Cuenca's new hair...

Can't believe it was Jake Cuenca I saw on TV the other day. He finally cut his hair! Can't wait to see more of him at ABS!

Girls, mukha naman syang thoughtful, diba? :)

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Nida said...

i love this Post….!!!
its is so awesum…….i ws lost in a trance while i ws readin it……
gr8 wrk !!!!

source: Urdu Poetry